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My name is Johnny Whittaker. I am an acute researcher and investigator into joint pains in its various forms – “joint pain”, “knee pain”, “ankle pain”, “neck pain”, “hip pain”, “back pain”, “joint pain relief”, “arthritis”, “back pain relief”, “shoulder pain”, “neck pain relief”, “hip pain relief”, “pinched nerve”, “pain management”, “lower back pain treatment”, “muscle pain relief”, “muscle pain”, “natural relief for joint pain”, “natural joint pain relief”, “joint pain relief codes”, etc. 

Also weight loss, fat loss, fat burning, muscle gains, six pack abs etc programs. I started these projects after having gone through the same pains, emotional stress and walk-through to becoming healthy, fit and athletically built myself.

My research & investigation include my family members and finding other people (sometimes celebrities) who have used popular products, and taking their testimonies to motivate others in order to make informed recommendations.

On this website, am focusing on How To Treat Joint Pain, specially designed for those who are seeking natural pain remedy for their various joint aches and pain etc

My other websites are:

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Natural Pain Remedy. Pure Natural Healing – migraine, back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, etc.

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Welcome to my Home. I am an Independent online enterpreneuer with success, and an acute researcher into core niches of concern to 95%……